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Welcome book-ish person to my self professed "best blog for lit' needs, favorites, recommendations and latest obsession" Am glad you have taken interest in my blog to read about my policies. I see us working together...

At the moment, I’m currently UNAVAILABLE for reviewing books

I accept a limited amount of eBook copies, and generally prefer physical copies. But please keep in mind that I prefer .pdf or .epub, and that I will read paperbacks before I read eBook copies – meaning that it’ll take longer for me to read and review your book. I’m also more likely to accept paperbacks for review than eBook copies. Please do not attach an eBook copy to an email – reach out first, and then I’ll let you know whether or not I’m interested in reviewing and you can send me the book.

I accept self-published books as well.


I will only accept books listed in my categories segment (see below) for review on this site. I read almost all sub-genres. I promise that my reviews will be fair, honest to the core and based on consistent standards. If you have an already released book or ARC you would like to see reviewed on this site, please email me at: I will accept e-books in epub formats or kindle. HARD COPY (preferred) books.

Reviews are also posted my Goodreads accounts, as well as shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. i post my reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are usually posted anywhere from 1-5 days upon completion of the book, perhaps longer in the case of a book with a release date that is still some months off.


I would love to conduct author interviews and promote your book(s) on my author spotlight segment. I am also open for guest posts. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss. However, i always ask to be given a minimum of two weeks notice, some spontaneous projects might be accepted if it piques my interest,

P.s I will not consider any email for review that does not contain a book cover, author image and bio


I am every open for hosting giveaways! Just send me an email with complete details.


Sponsored content can be created to meet your book marketing needs. From post, to social media and advert placement on the sidebar, email me for details.


Get maximum exposure for your unique work. I am offering to specially craft three(3) blog post that include a guest post, interview and excerpt promoting your masterpiece for a token of $50 USD. The post will be cross promoted across social media to my combined 2,700 highly enraged followers. I will also share it in a private page for book promotion on Facebook.

For another $30 USD, you can have a side bar AD space to showcase your book to over 300 daily visitors for thirty days.

If you are interested in this offer, shoot me an email with the subject: BOOK REVIEW REQUEST SPECIAL OFFER.

Expedited Reviews

I do not accept payment in exchange for reviews, however, if you want your review within a certain time frame, I can push it to the front of the review line in exchange for a small fee.

Less than 200 pages: $10 – book will be reviewed within 5 days (not including weekends).

More than 200 pages: $20 – book will be reviewed within 7 days (not including weekends).

Again, you’re not paying for the review, just to have me review your book within a certain time frame.

Payments are accepted through PayPal only, and please let me know you want this service when you contact me.


1) Payment and/or the receipt of ARCs or Free Review Copies in no way influences or has an impact on the opinions expressed in the book reviews posted.

2) I will not accept all requests even if they fit into these parameters. It depends how busy I am with school , work, social activities and other reviews i need to catch up on. I think it is only fair to accept review books that interest me and that I truly intend to read and review.

3. I will not read anything that comes even mile close to horror.


Young Adult - all sub-genres
New Adult - All sub-genres
Fantasey - All sub-genres
Sci-Fi - Depends on my mood
Dystopian - All sub-genres
Adventure - All sub-genres
Paranormal - All sub-genres except dark
Supernatural - All sub-genres except dark
Humor - Bring it on!!!
Mystery/Thriller - Depends on my mood
Romance/Erotica - Depends on how un-cliche the story is.

If you still want me to read your story and it's not in these categories, pitch the story to me via e-mail.

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Stanly has completed his goal of reading 20 books in 2016!