Book Review: The Art of Fully Living. 1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Life Goals by Tal Gur


BOOK TITLE: The Art of Fully Living. 1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Life Goals
 AUTHOR: Tal Gur
 GENRE: Travel, Self Hep, Entreprenuership
 PAGES: 262
 PUBLISHER: Independently Published
 RELEASE: 20th October 2017
 RATINGS: 3.5 stars
 BUY: Amazon | Goodreads

Master the art of fully living, one life goal at a time. 

Do you want to experience your one life—your whole life—to its fullest measure? 

In this stirring book, author, blogger and lifestyle entrepreneur, Tal Gur offers his own transformational journey as an inspiring example and practical guide to implementing the art of fully living to its fullest potential. You’ll learn how to actualize your potential by forging all aspects of your life through the process built into your life goals. 

Once you discover “the art of fully living,” there is no going back; it will feel unacceptable to settle for less than your dreams—and what’s more, you’ll dream even more wildly, aspiring to action with greater clarity of purpose, broader horizons of possibility, and holistic vision across all areas of your life. 

The very structure of this book models Tal’s immersive approach to goal-driven living: each chapter of The Art of Fully Living is dedicated to a year of focus—socializing, fitness, freedom, contribution, love, adventure, wealth, relationship, spirituality, and creativity—and follows Tal’s endeavors as he works toward fulfilling 100 life goals in only 10 years. 

This daunting ambition, springing from one late-night conversation among friends and a gnawing discontentment within the typical “success” story, becomes extremely relatable through Tal’s bold storytelling; what’s more, the deep lessons learned become immediately applicable for your own purposes as Tal thoughtfully extracts the actionable wisdom from his own experiences to articulate the principles and techniques of “the art of fully living.” 

The Art of Fully Living takes you along the exhilarating ride of Tal’s journey while illuminating your own possible life-goal trajectory: as Tal relates how he socialized nonstop in vibrant Melbourne to master English and trained intensively to complete Ironman New Zealand and practice ancient Thai martial arts, you’ll learn how to apply immersion to achieve your own life goals; as Tal describes how he eliminated his crushing student debt in one year and attained financial and location independence, you’ll learn how to simplify your life, recognize your own present wealth, and turn your passions into a living; and as Tal animates his experiences learning to surf and salsa, to drum in a troupe and compose electronic music, and to write this very book, you’ll learn how to let your intuition be your guide, reveal your authentic core, and achieve flow—among the myriad other adventures and take-aways that fill this book. 

Tal not only introduces the idea that the art of fully living is another skill to master but also guides you through honing this skill with chapter lessons and actionable key takeaways. 

This is especially for you if you find yourself frustrated often, feeling low, or if you’re struggling while asking yourself “What do I REALLY want?” 

You will find your calling. 
You will define your life goals. 
You will discover how to leverage your strengths to achieve your dreams. 
You will know what it means to be truly free. 
You will be fulfilled by the path you have chosen to take from this point on. 

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone discovered and did what made them feel fully alive? 

Your dreams are your dreams for a reason; they are rooted in your deepest understanding of who you want and can become.


"You think you know what's possible? Wait till you read this masterpiece" _ Stanly Benson.

1 Man, 10 Years, 100 life Goals. Honestly when Tal reached me for a review of this book, I was quick to want to say NO! At the time, I was sieving through so much activities and situations that were pulling me at all sides that reading a book was just not something I was in in the mood for. But I held myself.

1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Life Goals. This phrase called to me. What could a man achieve in 10 years if he truly designed a path for himself? What challenges did he face? 100 goals.... How did he even start? These questions kept me coming back.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be truly fulfilled with life? To essentially not live a life burdened with so many unscrewed dreams and untouched ideas.

I don't know about you but I certainly have. We must admit to ourselves that at some point in our lives; We've imagined every one of our childhood dreams coming true one way or another, but what if our ability to achieve these dreams is closer than we think. What if I told you that you can literally design the next year's of your life? Exactly how you want it to pan Out - I'm sure you'd call me crazy. Well the good thing is I don't have to tell you. Tal Gur does.

In "The Art of Fully Living" the author offers insights via his personal life on what it truly means to get the most out of life. How to spend every 24 hours knowing a small piece of the puzzle has fallen into position and you're one step closer to all you ever wanted. Tal delivers real world advice backed with personal experiences that are beyond relatable. I didn't even finish this book when I was inspired to start designing my own personal life and seek out my personal freedom. That for me is about designing a life I'm so passionate about I can't wait to wake up in the morning everyday.

My calling pushes me deep into indefinite nomadic travel, leading me to inadvertently discover a deeper part of me. I need freedom to explore the world more fully; and by discovering and immersing myself into new cultures, I learn invaluable lessons about who I am and how I can be of service to the world.

My major takeaway from the Art of Fully Living a quote that has literally engraved itself into my memory:

"real confidence is about being unattached to outcomes. It's about taking action for the sake of improving, not just for the end result."

This book comes highly recommended from me. Ready to take control of your life? Start by first digesting this masterpiece from Tal Gur.

Thank you for reading.

~ Stanly Benson


Tal Gur, a blogger, entrepreneur, and devoted adventurer, has spent a decade pursuing 100 major goals around the globe. But his journey had its challenges.

Like most people, he faced crippling self-doubt and struggled for a sense of purpose. Behind every difficulty he discovered a life-changing gift, and now he’s passing what he learned onto others. Find out more about Tal and his 100 life goals project at

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